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Marketing Strategy

The most successful companies have realized that to become more popular and get new readers, it's not enough just to use simple ads. Well-planned strategy is what will help you get your attention faster.


Of course, optimizing a site for search engines before promoting it is the main and most important point. How to do internal website optimization? We are here to help!

Keyword Research

An effective way to expand the semantic core of your ad campaigns. We'll do everything to make our clients happy.

Content Writing

Any information presented on your resources, both electronic and printed, must meet a number of criteria. Our professionals will write the best content ever.

Local Targeting

These keywords focus on location leading the searchers to a local set of results so that local businesses and companies would be given priority in this ever-growing world with an ever-growing market.

Business Analysis

This is useful to any business - commercial or non-commercial, public or private. And it's important to any industry where problems could potentially arise: finance, aircraft manufacturing, manufacturing.

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Why Keywords.guru?

Our comprehensive approach guarantees efficiency, elegance, and engagement.


We help our customers to develop - people are our main value!

Powerful team

Our team consisrs of positive, ambitious, passionate people with a broad outlook.


We love our work, and the great results motivate us to love it even more!


We guarantee non-disclosure and security of your private data

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We consider all the clients' wishes and surprise them with a creative approach.

Innovative techniques

Techniques and tools that you use influence the way you manage your work. If you chose the correct ones, it may help you create an efficient work process.

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